Oprah Winfrey Brings ‘To Have And To Hold: Charlotte’ To OWN

(Atlanta, GA) – As Oprah Winfrey continues to build her network, the media mogul is bringing another relationship based program to OWN.

Unlike most reality shows that often appear to be scripted or fluffed up to add drama, To Have And To Hold Charlotte needs no help. With an eclectic group of couples putting it all out there for the world to see, viewers will finally get an authentic look at what marriage is really like.

Some of the cast of To Have And To Hold Charlotte speak to the press in Atlanta about the new show. – Photo Credit: Sytonnia Moore

As castmate Alane states in the first episode, marriage is a whole lot different behind closed doors.  She and her husband Yandrick along with Christine and Daryhl and Ursula and Clinton also known as The Socialites, The Dinks and The Empty Nesters respectively, sat down for a private Q & A to talk about the experience.

Members of the press were given an advantage though with access to the first three episodes and it is definitely a must watch. Five couples, including a gay couple, managing their lives and navigating their way through the ups and downs of married life; what’s refreshing about To Have and To Hold Charlotte is that no one is pretending that he or she has the perfect union.


Yandrick and Alane Paraison, run right along the heartbeat of the city as the show’s socialites. 

As proclaimed, they run Charlotte and everyone knows who they are. 

The couple, both entrepreneurs at this point, speak candidly about past financial struggles and role reversal when Alane carried the family through a rough patch. 

Yandrick has no problem with crediting his wife for holding their family down financially when those problems arose, but acknowledges that it’s not easy for a man to be in that position.

Married for 15 years with four children, he’s a senior consultant and entrepreneur.

She owns a salon and works long hours as a hair stylist.

Resized_20190601_171539Daryhl and Christine Pulley, could easily become fan favorites as they live the good life in a 6,000 square foot lake home.

She’s a senior consultant and he’s a wealth manager.

Seemingly, they have no real issues outside of balancing work and play; and are quick to confirm that their 10-year marriage never takes a hit in the intimacy department due to their 48-hour rule when it comes to sex.

One issue that will certainly create tension though, she’s comfortable with being known as ‘The Dinks‘ (Double Income No Kids) while he would love to change that nickname to ‘Married With Children’.


Clinton and Ursula Douglas,  bring a different dynamic to the group with their blended family that includes four girls. She has two and he has two.

Married for almost 14 years, all of their kids are in college and it’s time for them to play a little bit.  Well, so Ursula thinks.

But what should be a chance for these empty nesters to rule the nest,  becomes a chance for Clinton to rule the streets and Ursula isn’t having it.

He thinks she’s a fun killer but she just wants a life of wellness. One thing is for sure, these two know how to compromise.  And as long as Clinton goes to yoga, he can have cigar in peace. But it looks like Ursula’s good life living has rubbed off on him. After years of healthy practice, he’s turned into a vegan.

201905-ththc-cast-4-2560x1066The last two couples consist of David and Tyyawdi Hands, who on the outside seem to have it all.  She’s a judge. He owns a law firm.  Publicly they are viewed as one of Charlotte’s power couples but behind closed doors their 11 year marriage is at an impasse forcing them to make some life altering decisions about their relationship. In the first few episodes viewers will see them ‘nesting’ in an attempt to keep their children’s lives stable while they explore separation. On The Rocks…puts it mildly.

201905-ththc-cast-5b-2560x1066The last couple or trio, if you will, is Peter Carey, Josh Anglero and Juliana Anglero.  Peter, a PR consultant and IT tech Josh are in a relationship but Josh’s ex wife, and mother of his two daughters, Juliana is always there.  The Modern Family of the bunch, Peter is eager to put a little bit of distance between the three of them which won’t be easy. There’s also the exploration of two homosexual men parenting two little girls which raises a lot of questions as one can imagine.

Are you ready for all of it? To Have And To Hold: Charlotte premieres June 1st at 10pm on OWN.

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