Foul Ball Hits Little Girl At Astros Game

(Houston, TX) – It’s one of those occurrences that can totally ruin a game. Ball pops up into the stands and strikes a fan.
79-year old Linda Goldbloom was killed after she was hit in the head with a baseball at a Dodger’s game while celebrating her birthday last year. John ‘Jay’ Loos sued the Cubs after a foul ball struck him and caused him
The stories go on and on with concerns that fans will continue to get hit by balls until more protective netting is put in place.
It happened again during the Cubs-Astros game in Houston. Albert Almora Jr. hit a liner into the stands down the third-base line in the fourth inning and it struck a little girl. The youngster was filmed crying as her parents carried her out of the ballpark.
Almora couldn’t bear the thought as he was seen putting his hands on his head and dropping to his knees near home plate. No word on the little girl’s condition.

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