Almost $1 Billion Dollars Donated For Restructure of Paris Cathedral, Paris Mayor Says Crown Of Thorns, Other Relics Were Saved From Notre Dame Fire

(Paris, AP) – More than 700-million dollars in donations are pouring in today to help restore the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Donors from around the world and some of France’s richest families pledged to help a day after fire devastated the 12th century landmark.

notre-dame-fire-22In a televised speech, French President Emmanuel Macron called for unity and set a five-year goal to rebuild the iconic cathedral. Much of the roof collapsed, but the stone foundation survived along with the cathedral’s famous twin bell towers. American offers of help include Apple CEO Tim Cook pledging that his company will donate to rebuilding efforts.

The mayor of Paris says several relics from Notre Dame Cathedral are safe as a fire destroyed much of the iconic landmark. Mayor Anne Hidalgo said firefighters and police saved part of the crown of thorns said to be worn by Jesus during his crucifixion, as well as the tunic of Saint Louis and other major pieces.

SEC_62636682The 850-year-old cathedral went up in flames yesterday, destroying the iconic spire and causing the roof to collapse. Officials hope to have the historical holy site rebuilt within five years.

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