More Lawsuits Against Elite Schools After Bribery Scandal

(San Francisco, CA-AP) — A California woman is launching a 500-billion-dollar lawsuit in connection to the nationwide school bribery scandal. Jennifer Kay Toy filed a class action complaint in San Francisco Superior Court yesterday against actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and 40 other defendants.

The former Oakland teacher claims her son and other children did not get a “fair chance” in gaining admission to colleges and universities caught up in the cheating scandal. The defendants are accused of conspiracy, bribery, and the use of charitable organizations to hide illegal payments.

Actress Lori Loughlin is free on one-million-dollars bail but will eventually have to give up her passport. The Full House actor made her first appearance in federal court in downtown L.A. She’ll be allowed to continue traveling to Canada for work but will have to surrender her passport by mid-December. She and her husband are accused of spending half-a-million dollars to get their daughters into USC as part of the crew team, despite the fact they never took part in the sport.

Both will appear in court in Boston on March 29th.

UPDATE: As the scandal rages on, the Hallmark Channel is cutting ties with Lori Loughlin.  As reported earlier, she was in Canada filming for the channel when a warrant was made for her arrest.

USC is also saying students connected to the scam will be denied admission and case-by-case review will be conducted for students who are already enrolled at USC and might be connected to the scheme.


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