Wife Of Former Officer Van Dyke Demands Answers After Beating

(Chicago, IL-AP) — The wife of convicted former Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke is demanding answers after he was beaten in a prison cell. At a news conference yesterday, Tiffany Van Dyke demanded answers surrounding his attack and his transfer out of Illinois.

She said she was informed Wednesday that her husband was beaten in his cell by more than one person on February 7th. He suffered facial and head injuries but is expected to survive. She said she was never informed he was transferred from the Rock Island County Jail in northwestern Illinois to a low security correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut until Wednesday.

Tiffany says she hasn’t been allowed to speak with him. She’s calling on state and correctional officials to know to know why he was put in general population, and why he was transfered to a federal prison when he wasn’t convicted on federal charges.

Jason Van Dyke was sentenced last month to nearly seven years in prison after being convicted in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago. Tiffany said she believes her husband was targeted because he was a white officer who killed a black man.

(Image: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune)

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