Brady And Belichick Grab 6th Super Bowl Win

(Atlanta, GA) – Super Bowl 53 was underwhelming if you were looking for a high scoring game.  If you were focusing on defense, you were pleased.  Either way you play it, a win is a win and you won’t hear any complaints from Tom Brady or Bill Belichick after the Patriots defeated the Rams 13-3 giving the duo their 6th Super Bowl win which now ties the Steelers for the most. N

usatsi_12105706_1Brady 21/35 for 262 yards and no TDs while Jared Goff 19/38 for 229 yards and no TDs.  At halftime, the score was 3-0 Patriots.   The only TD would come from a short drive by Sony Michel set up by a catch from Rob Gronkowski.

USP NFL: SUPER BOWL LIII-NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS VS L S FBN USA GAIt’s the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. And some are saying it was the most boring as well.  The same sentiments were shared for the halftime show as well leaving the commercials standing alone in the he Super Bowl 53 highlight mentions.

Another highlight, New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman grabbed MVP honors catching 10 passes for 141 yards.  He’s now one of seven receivers to win Super Bowl MVP.

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