Why Megyn Kelly Should Just Go And Exit Quietly

(New York, NY) – Megyn Kelly is making headlines again and once again it’s not in a positive light.  This time, the former ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ host reportedly is refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement as she exits from NBC. This also comes after reports that the allegedly wants her full salary ($65 Million) plus an additional $10 million as part of her departure.

Whether or not it’s true that Megyn is also threatening to expose NBC executives for improper behavior is up for debate but one thing is for sure…none of it is helping her right now.

Megyn found herself in some pretty controversial moments where viewers didn’t take to kindly to her position on various topics including ‘blackface’, which turned out to be the final straw for NBC. It was Megyn who said she didn’t have a problem with people wearing ‘blackface’ for Halloween.  It was also Megyn who made the choice to publicly claim that she wasn’t aware of the history that came along with ‘blackface’ and why it’s inappropriate and insensitive to people of color.

This is one of those situations where you apologize and just leave.  There’s not really much she can say to defend her actions and ‘fighting’ tooth and nail to draw out her exit isn’t helping her image either. At the end of the day, her image was in her hands and she tarnished it with what some describe as racist behavior. NBC didn’t force Megyn to say anything about ‘blackface’ or to be more specific …that she found it to be acceptable. At this point, Megyn has burned bridges at both Fox and NBC…she just cool it before she kills her image all together leaving none of the remaining networks interested in working with her at all.

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