After Stating His Plans To Move Back To Chicago, Kanye West Is Now Addressing Nick Cannon, Drake And Tyson Beckford

(Somewhere, USA) – Kanye West’s mental struggles continue as the rappers convoluted impulses are flaring up again and making headlines.  A few days ago he shouted to the rooftops that he was moving back to Chicago, something his wife Kim said she would take no parts of.  And then, he made a five minute video addressing people who he feels talk about who his wife has bedded and her plastic surgery.

Kanye West sent the stern warning to Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford warning the trio not to speak on his wife. Nick Cannon never shies away from talking about his ex girlfriend but I’ve personally never heard Drake mention Kim Kardashian.

Kanye probably hasn’t either but he’s convinced that Drake’s song ‘In my feelings’ where he asks Kiki is she still loves him is about the mother of his three children.  Why he would think that, unless Drake and Kim had a fling, is beyond me.  Nick Cannon said he believes the rumors are true and that furthermore Kanye West cannot control what comes out of his mouth.   Kiki, allegedly is Kim’s nickname and West said if he dated a girl named Renita and Drake was married to Rihanna, he wouldn’t make a song about someone named “Riri.”

Yeah..stupid ..I know. Drake has yet to respond and Tyson Beckford is still sticking to his beliefs that doctor’s botched the right side of Kim’s body. Can’t hate a man for liking natural women. Just another day in the West household.



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