Lakers To Work Out Lonzo Ball’s Brother LiAngelo

(Los Angeles, CA) – It looks like we all might owe Lavar Ball an apology for thinking he was just some crazy sports’ dad with way too much energy lol. That drive, dedication and training looks to be falling right into the line of his plan as his middle son LiAngelo Ball prepares to show the Lakers what he has up close.
Yes…you read that right. The Los Angeles Lakers are doing their due diligence on the younger brother of point guard Lonzo Ball. LiAngelo Ball will work out for the team on Tuesday along with five other players. I, however, am not surprised.  I spent the weekend binge watching ‘Ball In The Family’ to, most importantly, put my pre-judgments and presumptions aside. And what I saw was a father who has trained up all three of his boys to be world class athletes; with LaMelo expected to be the most successful of the three because, of course, he’s been playing up his whole life.  He has no choice but to.
A family brand that comes along with an international fan base and signature shoes for all three of LaVar’s sons, LiAngelo’s future was laid out for him since the day he took his first steps. All he has to do is perform.
LiAngelo attended UCLA for a short time this past season, but withdrew from the school before playing a game after getting caught shoplifting a pair of glasses in China on a team trip. What teenager hasn’t made a mistake?  Anyone who his counting this kid out, will surely be eating his stats if politics don’t keep him at bay.
Let’s be honest.  He can play. At 6’5, the wing player has tremendous jumping ability, power, speed and accuracy with a jumper so pretty it would make Wesley Snipes jealous in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. Post UCLA, he played professionally for one season in Lithuania before declaring himself eligible for the draft.  The one thing I love about this kid is that he knows that the odds are against him and uses that for fuel to get his dream accomplished.This is a family business.  With ice water in his veins, he can’t wait to prove the naysayers wrong.
Simply put, he’s built Ball tough. And much love to his mom, Tina! She is the epitome of strength. The draft is June 21st.

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