Video Shows Former Houston Astros Prospect Danry Vasquez Violently Attacking Girlfriend

(SL) – Alarming video has been released showing baseball player Danry Vasquez beating up his girlfriend in a stairwell.

Vasquez, dressed in his uniform, is believed to have initiated the attack at Whataburger field in Corpus Christi, Texas. Vasquez was arrested on August 4, 2016, two days after the incident.

Nueces Country District Attorney Mark Gonzalez told KRIS-TV that Vasquez agreed to a plea deal requiring him to pay a fine and attend classes.

“It was an assault that occurred, we had all the evidence to prove it we just allowed this individual to hopefully get the training and education so he wouldn’t continue to assault people where he has relationships with. ‘Yes I’ve seen the video, that’s what happens in domestic violence cases,’ Gonzalez said. ‘Every time a man or woman hurts each other that’s what it looks like, and it’s ugly and what I’m trying to accomplish is to stop that from happening. I’m hoping Mr. Vasquez will be the poster boy for our program and never hurt somebody that he’s in a relationship with and only time will tell.”

The case was dismissed. The Astros released Vasquez shortly after the arrest.


His current team in Lancaster, released him after seeing the video. His girlfriend Fabiana Perez says they are no longer together after 6 years. She says she hopes Danry has changed for the sake of his new wife whom he got engaged to in Nov. of 2017 and married sometime later.


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