Ex-NFL Player Carruth Apologizes For Role In Shooting Death, Wants Custody Of Kid He Tried To Murder

(SL) – Former NFL player Rae Carruth has apologized for his role in the shooting death of Cherica Adams in 1999 and the permanent disability suffered by his then-unborn son, Chancellor Adams, as a result.Rae-CarruthCarruth is serving 18 to 24 years in prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and two other charges. He could be released Oct. 22 from Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina. As it’s been reported for the past 18 years, Carruth who was a football player for the Carolina Panthers with a bright future ahead of him organized a hit to kill Cherica when she refused to end her pregnancy.3E7A1383-017D-4AC9-8FF2-47EA3E5209C2On Nov. 15 1999, she was shot multiple times by Van Brett Watkins, a career criminal that went by the name of “New York,” who’d set out to complete the hit. Cherica had been following Carruth home to her house after a movie date when he stopped short and Watkins boxed her in with his gold Maxima, driven by accomplice, Michael Kennedy (Little Man).

codefendantsAfter the attack, both Carruth and Watkins took off in opposite directions leaving Cherica to die. But she didn’t. Cherica was able to call  911 and implicate Carruth in the shooting.   She was rushed to the hospital where internal damage made it hard to stop the loss of blood. Meanwhile, her baby was suffocating and after 70 minutes, was delivered through emergency C-section on Nov. 16, 1999. rae_carruthChancellor Adams survived, but he suffered severe brain damage from a lack of oxygen. Cherica died four weeks later. Chancellor who has lived with her mother since birth, suffers from cerebral palsy.

The now 18 year old has the same determination and strength his mother had and has managed to make strides.

In a 15-page hand-written letter and ensuing phone call to WBTV in Charlotte, Carruth apologized to Adams’ mother, Saundra Adams, for the ”senseless act that led to the death of your daughter and the permanent physical difficulties that Chancellor has to suffer

Carruth also said he’d like custody of Chancellor one day. However, Adams told WBTV that won’t happen .

Trump Slams “Post” Over Report About Woman, But Track Record Aligns With Woman’s Story

(Washington, DC) – President Trump is slamming the “Washington Post” for featuring the story of Rachel Crooks on today’s front page. Crooks has accused Trump of forcibly kissing her at Trump Tower in 2006. With his track record, her claim is plausible.

In 2005 Trump was Caught on Camera saying: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

However, in a morning tweet, Trump called the “Post” fake news and said it never happened. He also argued that security cameras would have recorded it.

Naturally, he was then challenged to release the security footage. He has yet to honor the request. Trump said he doesn’t recall meeting Crooks and called it “another false accusation.” Crooks is running for state representative in Ohio as a Democrat. She is one of more than a dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct in the years before he was elected President.

Trump Junior In India While Mueller Eyes Brother-In-Law Kushner’s Foreign Financing Pursuit

(Kolkata) – Donald Trump Junior is on a week-long visit to India. The president’s oldest son is there to celebrate an upcoming Trump Towers residential project and to give a speech on foreign policy.

He’ll be speaking Friday about Indo-Pacific cooperation at a business summit also attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He’ll also be meeting with investors across India, where the Trump organization has four different real estate development projects.

Meanwhile, NY Mag reports,  Mueller’s investigators have been asking questions, including during interviews in January and February, about brother-in-law Jared Kushner’s conversations during the transition to shore up financing for 666 Fifth Avenue, a Kushner Companies–backed New York City office building reeling from financial troubles, according to people familiar with the special counsel investigation.

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Report: White House Staff Considered High School Shooting A “Reprieve”

(Washington, DC) – A new report says some White House staff thought they got a reprieve from last week’s deadly school shooting. The “Washington Post” cited an anonymous White House official as saying it was a distraction after several straight days of bad news for the Trump Administration.

The official reportedly said a similar period of calm came after the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st. According to the “Post,” the official added, quote, “sadly, when the coverage dies down a little bit, we’ll be back through the chaos.”

Seventeen people died in the shooting last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The shooting has led to calls for gun reform.

Mueller Charges Attorney For Lying To Special Counsel’s Office

(Washington, DC) – Special Counsel Robert Mueller is filing charges against a Russia-linked attorney in the Russia investigation.

21568486_122100915117141_1225480845314228224_nAlex Van Der Zwaan is accused of lying to federal investigators about his text conversations with Rick Gates, a former Trump aide who was indicted by Mueller last year.

Van Der Zwann is the son-in-law of Russian billionaire German Khan. He is expected to plead guilty in federal court in Washington, D.C. this afternoon.

Mueller is leading the investigation of Russian meddling into the 2016 presidential election.

Parents Spend Big On Kids Extracurricular Activities

(Atlanta, GA) — Parents are shelling out big bucks for extracurricular activities. A new survey from Suntrust Bank shows 40-percent of American families are paying more than one-thousand-dollars each year on their kids’ after school activities.

At least 20-percent said they spend more than 25-hundred-dollars.

The majority of parents polled said they skip things like eating out to hold down expenses. Others took more extreme steps like not paying off debt or skimping on retirement savings to pay for their kids’ extracurricular activities.

Where’s The Support? Vonn Targeted With Online Insults

(Pyeongchang) — American Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn is brushing off an onslaught of attacks on social media after failing to medal Saturday in the super-G at the Winter Olympics. Vonn made a mistake late in her run and finished tied for sixth.lindsey-vonn-skiing-super-gThe online reaction was almost immediate, with some calling her a loser and hoping she suffers injury. The backlash seemed to stem from an interview Vonn gave in December when she said she wanted to represent the country, not the president, and would turn down an invitation to the Trump White House if invited.

Vonn tweeted in response, “Not everyone has to like me but my family loves me and I sleep well at night. I work hard and try to be the best person I can be. … Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to become better.”

Trump’s Tweet Storm Draws Even More Attention To ‘Russian Collusion’

(Palm Beach, FL) –  It started around 11 last night with this tweet: Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!stoneman-douglas-shootingAnd that was just the beginning. Since then, Trump has put his focus on Obama yet again and a reverse psychology tactic that is pretty worn out at this point saying Russia is laughing at America. “If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.” He then said Moscow is laughing and urged America to get smart. His comments come of course after more than a dozen Russians were indicted for meddling in the 2016 election.Trump_Putin_04186.jpg-7cc71_c0-156-3725-2327_s885x516THEN he said that he never said that Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 election noting his comments during his campaign that…“it may be Russia, or China or another country or group, or it may be a 400 pound genius sitting in bed and playing with his computer.” Trump said the hoax is the idea that his campaign had colluded with Russia.

Naturally it didn’t stop there. Accompanied with the regular insult, Trump then praised Democratic Representative Adam Schiff for putting some of the blame for Russian meddling in the 2016 election on the Obama administration.  “Finally, ‘Liddle’ Adam Schiff, the leakin’ monster of no control, is now blaming the Obama administration for Russian meddling in the 2016 Election. He is finally right about something. Obama was President, knew of the threat, and did nothing. Thank you Adam!” He followed that up with a tweet suggesting Democrats were trying to blame the Obama administration’s response to Russian meddling for Hillary Clinton’s loss. b083d20afffb2d59173c552dd20db466bfcf4c6a

Tired yet? It continued…..Of course it wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t slam the media. He pointed fingers at news outlets over their coverage of the indictments and for not focusing on how the indictments exonerate his campaign from colluding with Russia. Trump noted it was “funny how the Fake News Media doesn’t want to say that the Russian group was formed in 2014,” long before he decided to run for President. He added, sarcastically, ” Maybe they knew I was going to run even though I didn’t know!” Trump’s critics have accused the President of trying to spin the indictments in his favor, even though he has previously called Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation a hoax.1007145_1_1006-obama-approval_standardAND THEN….HE WENT BACK TO PRESIDENT OBAMA tweeting he’s “never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send one-point-seven Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation!”   He’s referring to money delivered to Iran in 2016, which included interest on Iranian money held by the U.S. since the 1970s. Some of the money was given the same day four American prisoners were released from Iranian custody. The Obama White House denied it was a ransom payment but later admitted the money was used as leverage in the prisoner release. The payment was made in cash because Congress had outlawed dollar transfers to Tehran. Iranian media at the time played up the payment as if it were indeed a ransom.

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Clapper: No Question Russia Tried To Sway Election

(SL) – Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper believes “there are other shoes to drop” following the indictment of more than a dozen Russians for meddling in the 2016 election.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Clapper said information could come out later about the direct involvement of the Russian government, or the financial entanglements between Russia and the Trump organization. He said those are issues the special counsel on the Russia investigation could be looking at.

Clapper said there’s no question the Russians were trying to sway the election and that they were trying to sow discord and discontent in the country, as well as hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign and support the Trump campaign. He added that President Trump has failed to speak on what needs to be done to address the Russia threat.

FL Student Massacre Survivors Announce Gun Control Demonstration

(Parkland, FL) – Teen survivors of the high school massacre in South Florida last week will be holding a march on Washington to demand gun control. Five students told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that they will be holding the “March for Our Lives” demonstration on March 24th.1518905665_emma-gonzalezs-passionate-anti-gun-speech-calls-out-politicians-1200x600Seventeen people were killed after a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkdale, Florida on Wednesday. Student Emma Gonzalez said the students want to have conversations about gun control with President Trump, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Gonzalez said students want to give them the opportunity to be on the “right side of this.” The students slammed the NRA and politicians who take money from the gun lobby. In addition to the march in Washington, the organizers are planning protests in other cities across the country.story_01466101_1518737173Florida Representative Ted Deutch says the march will spur action on gun control. Speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” the Democrat says the survivors are not just going to sit back after what they went through, but are going to stand up for their lives.

Deutch said people are frustrated with political rhetoric and want Congress to take action on gun violence. Deutch, who represents the Florida district where the deadly shooting took place, told President Trump to come and talk to these kids and their families face to face.