Famed Broadcaster Craig Sager’s Widow Dragging Children To Court Over Uncontested Will He Left Them Out Of

(Cherokee County, GA) – Craig Sager’s children that he had with his first wife are being dragged to court by his second wife and widow Stacy. Craig had Craig Jr., Kacy and Krista with Lisa Gabel with whom he was married to for 22 years. The same year they divorced he married Stacy leading many to believe that Stacy was engaged in an affair with Craig while he he was still married to Lisa.

Craig and Stacy had two children together (Ryan and Riley) and apparently that’s all who was acknowledged in his will after the broadcaster died from cancer December 15th, 2016. 459de7cc6c8a85ff3b7a5b7c238c2a65_crop_exactOne amazing fact that’s hard to process is the thought that not only did Craig leave his three children out of the will but Craig Jr. donated some of his bone marrow to his father during his battle with Cancer helping to prolong his life…..but Craig Sr. didn’t consider helping them when he signed the final copy of his will.

If that wasn’t strange enough, in an air of greediness so incredible it’s almost unbelievable, Stacy is taking Craig’s older children to court to legally ban them from ever being able to challenge their exclusion from the will.

Craig Jr. took to twitter to express his feelings about it.

“Nothing like getting served, pestered by Sheriffs & taken to court over a Will that myself and my sisters are not only 100% excluded from but do not even have any interest in contesting in the first place. Thanks Dad.”

He went on to say that he’s not in it and never wanted to be in it and just wants to be left alone.

47BA91A000000578-5232219-Craig_II_also_revealed_that_he_expected_to_be_left_out_of_the_wi-a-5_1515003453149Craig’s ex Brenna Simon even chimed in saying, “Once (still married) Craig met this POS, she’s all that mattered..Krista is getting married and was left nothing,” Simon tweeted Tuesday afternoon, referring to Craig II and Kacy’s sister with Sager’s first wife. “Also she was roughly my age when she shacked up with married Sr. I’m Jr’s ex so it’s not my place to comment but I hate that woman so much my head is about to explode.”

While Sager II’s ex did encounter some backlash after chiming in, Kacy came to Simon’s defense, stating, “…nothing she said was inaccurate though.”

Simon later said she was “relieved” that the secrets are coming to light.

“Stacy doesn’t deserve the respect TNT/NBA bestows on her. She’s a soulless home wrecker and deserves to be known for her true colors,” she tweeted.

Sager is believed to have had a net worth of around $10 million when he died.

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