Every #MeToo Story Needs To Be Individualized

(SL) – I think for the bulk of the population the sexual harassment allegations have been pretty exhausting. Mostly, in part, because not all of them are with merit. If you examine some of these stories carefully, you’ll find that some of these women simply sold themselves short in an effort to get ahead or for personal satisfaction, over exaggerated a man’s attempt to make a pass at her or simply just lied.salma-hayek-on-harvey-weinsteinI have no doubt that Harvey Weinstein has had some questionable behavior but when Salma Hayek voiced her disgust and accused him of forcing her into a lesbian love scene for ‘Frida’ it really made me think about just how many women possibly played themselves with this man to get what they want. Reading Salma’s story, I never once read ‘he held me down and forced me to engage in this behavior on screen’.

I read accusations that claimed the only way she could get the movie made was if she ‘added’ the lesbian scene which at any given time she could’ve said ‘ no thanks’. BUT she was so eager to complete the project that she added the scene. Fast forward, and now years later, she wants to say ‘He forced me to do it’. NO, he didn’t. You agreed to add the scene to get your movie made. russell-simmonsI’ve also been paying attention to the accusations made against Russell Simmons. Keri Claussen Khaligi said she ‘acquiesced’ and performed oral sex on him. That is not rape.

For whatever reason, possibly for a role in the video or any other upcoming projects he had, she decided to engage in sexual acts with Russell Simmons in front of Brett Ratner and now wants to throw a rape claim on it. Scream, run, get out of there, don’t take a shower and stick around after an assault. So many points were wrong with her story….but at the end of the day as she admitted…she acquiesced. That is not rape.475D895300000578-5183385-image-m-30_1513366369510And now Adrienne Lawrence appears to be misuing #MeToo and what’s even more disturbing, judging from the text messages, she appears to be the aggressor in pursuit of his friendship. The ESPN reporter, who joined the network in 2015 as part of their diversity program, claims that Veteran Broadcaster John Buccigross levied some unwanted behavior in her direction in the form of flirty text messages in which some show him referring to her as Dream Girl, Long Legs and Wonderful.


After rumors started to circulate that she and John were dating, she quickly tried to dispel the gossip and reportedly, then made a complaint with management. Lawrence claims that, after she brought it to their attention, her assignments were reduced and she was informed that they would not be keeping her permanently.

She officially filed a complaint against the network in 2016, but it has been dismissed at her request. To be fair, Lawrence claims ESPN is only releasing text messages that support their position which is Buccigross and Lawrence had a consensual relationship. I say release the more damaging evidence because these text messages don’t look good for Lawrence.



The dismissal of the complaint leaves the door open for Lawrence to file a lawsuit in federal court, but judging from these text messages, she might want to leave that arena alone. Every piece of communication will be examined and it’s kind of hard to accuse someone of making advances towards you when your pursuit to be in his company is in black and white or blue and black in this case.

There were even plans to take a trip out of town. Above anything, it keeps the dialogue open and this particular situtation shows just how easy words can be misconstrued. It looks as if she is flirting with him as well, but she is the one who filed the complaint. Could he have filed one as well?



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