The New York Times Highlights Donald Trump’s 369 Twitter Insults As Melania Gives Anti-Bullying Speech At United Nations Event

(SL) – Insert *side-eye* emoji. Just days after Donald Trump retweeted a gif that shows him hitting a golf ball that knocks Hillary Clinton over, Melania Trump thought it would be a good idea to preach about cyber bullying during a recent U.N. event.

You can’t make this stuff up. The New York Times offered a complete list of the 369 People, Places and Things that Trump insulted on twitter and it’s cyber bullying at its finest.

Whether with his attack on Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Manning, Katie Couric, Arianna Huffington and Paul Ryan or Ana Navarro, Kim Jong-Un, Mexicans and Muslims…one thing the whole world knows is that Donald Trump is the bully of all bullies.

How Melania thought this was a good idea is beyond all things that make sense, but nevertheless she did it and with a straight face.

In the words of most, Melania….start with your Husband.

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