Usher Being Sued Again By Woman He Slept With In April For Exposing Her To Herpes

(SL) – The 38 year old singer is named in a new $10 million lawsuit from a woman who claims he didn’t tell her he has herpes prior to their two hookups.

In the new suit, the woman claims she performed oral sex on Raymond and had protected sex with him on April 16 at her Atlanta residence.

The pair hooked up again in a hotel in New Orleans on April 28th of this year, where they didn’t use protection. The suit charges negligence, battery and emotional distress, but did not confirm whether or not she’s tested positive for it.

One out of every six people between the ages of 14 to 49 carry the herpes virus. The virus can be transmitted even when an individual does not have any visible signs. The woman learned about User’s status through recent reports about a 2012 court case in which he was sued for giving a woman herpes.

Usher has been married to Grace Miguel (pic) for almost 2 years.

One thought on “Usher Being Sued Again By Woman He Slept With In April For Exposing Her To Herpes”

  1. Hatred condoms? Bet that’s what Usher said, Lol Confessions Now, everybody doesn’t feel the need to confess. If he had it, I for one, think that hewould have been artistic enuf to confess it all. Too bad. And his wife auntconfessing either, ok what’s that all. about? Guess she is not feels no peeps in her business. Its just hair bumps that you can catch, though, rite?! Lil loll there, And some nihhas hate love enufto to set ya up but hey what eva. Idk Just sayin. I just move on but Herpes can blind kids, you know.Try explaining that know rugrat who already mad as hehe becbecause they Blbeen told no to 5 cups of icecream, oh, & by the way, your pops is the reason you’re blind, by the way. They’re gonna find out one anyway. It’s grimlin time then and Dhr or NYSE or whatever is on mfing standby, too ! No fighting back.

    – Comedian Missy Wilson ( Melissa Carruthers Wilson, in the flesh )

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