FOR LIKES: Disturbing Video Shows Teens Laugh And Record Man Drowning In Pond Versus Calling For Help

(SL) – Horrific video coming out of Cocoa Florida that was posted to social media shows a Florida man drowning in a retention pond while a group of teens stand by recording, and even mocking him and laughing.

Dunn’s fiancee, Rondanielle Williams says, “It broke my heart for someone to just sit there, of age, to know if someone needs help — they’re crying out for help in the video — and you just do nothing.”

The five teens just watched as his continued to sink.

Yvonne Martinez, Cocoa Police Department recounts the disturbing behavior that was captured on video. “Laughed at him, told him that they weren’t going to help him or rescue him, and taunted and laughed at him the entire time,” she said.

Reports  claim that 31-year-old Jamel Dunn went helplessly deep into the water on July 9th. No charges will be filed because there is nor law that mandates a duty to rescue in the state of Florida.




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