New Video Shows Bakari Henderson Defending Himself During Altercation That Led To His Murder

(SL) – More video has been released from inside Bar Code, the club that American Tourist Bakari Henderson was hanging out in the night he died on the island of Zakynthos in Greece.

The video is hard to watch and will take multiple viewings to sort it all out. But it appears that Bakari is standing near a couple of people who are taking a selfie. At some point a man seems to be saying something to Bakari and another man before slamming an object on the table. (Presumably the bottle he reportedly broke.)

Bakari and his friend remain calm as the suspect continues to express his displeasure with whatever he is upset about. He then punches Bakari in the face at point blank range. It takes Bakari a second, but he punches the man back and then hits him again. At this point you see scattering.


Cut to the outside video and Bakari is running from a pack of men and as he attempts to get around a car that’s parked in his path, another suspects catches him mid-air and slams him down on the vehicle. Another suspect wearing what looks like a security shirt is seen stepping towards Bakari as he tries to steady himself and stand.

Other suspects commence to kicking him in the back of the head and neck area. And in an attempt to defend himself (but clearly at a disadvantage as his body isn’t upright) he tries to hit the Security guard who throws a violent punch and Bakari ( with one leg bent behind him) crumbles to the grown. The Security guard then continues to strike Bakari and other people continue to kick him while he is motionless on the ground until they are cleared off of him.

In the extended version, you can see someone performing CPR on Bakari before and ambulance shows up and takes him away. Bakari reportedly died at the hospital, but I believe he died on that street.


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