{Video} Heartbreaking Moment Bride’s Surprise For Her Groom Turns Deadly In Brazil

(SL) – Footage of the Bride who died as she attempted to descend to her groom via helicopter last December has been released.

The distressing video shows the moment Rosemere do Nascimento Silva of Brazil, was killed along with three others – the pilot, her brother Peterson Pinheiro and photographer Nayla Cristina Neves ) who was six months pregnant.

The 32-year-old’s finacĂ© was left waiting at the wedding venue unaware of what she was planning to do, or of the fatal air crash.


In the clip, you can see uneasy moments cross the bride’s face as the ride appears to be extremely shaky. Holding onto her brother, who at moments looks just as concerned.

When an alarm you can hear screaming and the worst happens. The pilot was possibly facing bad weather. The crash happened close to the wedding site. As reported, all four on board were killed.

Here is the moment the helicopter went down, released as part of the investigation into the crash.






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