A Sucker For Fame And Success, Felon Turned Model Jeremy Meeks Cheats On Wife With Chloe Green

(SL) – Some people get a taste of money and success and forget where they came from.  Jeremy Meeks appears to be the latest sucker to fall victim to glitter and stardust.

The former felon who became a model after his mugshot went viral has been traveling all over the world modeling for designers like Phillip Plein and rubbing elbows with everyone from Anwar Hadid to Paris Hilton.

Obviously, somewhere along the line he bumped into Topshop heiress Chloe Green too. The two were spotting kissing and getting quite comfy on a 180-foot yacht while cruising the Mediterranean off Turkey.

This while his wife of 8-years is home taking care of their kids. The 33-year old just pledged his love for  Melissa on Valentine’s day and the couple celebrated their anniversary just before the new year.


Melissa stood by Jeremy’s side as the convict served two years behind weapons’ charges. Meeks is clearly falling victim to his surroundings as he chases fame while strolling the runway. Chloe Green is the 26-year old daughter of Billionaire Sir Phillip Green who is worth $5 billion dollars.


After the pictures were published, Chloe posted her own Instagram photo of the pair which read: “Just the Beginning… We appreciate all the love and the hate.” Not cute. He’s married.

Meanwhile, Melissa Meeks posted some subliminal messages including a photo of late rapper Tupac Shakur giving the finger along with the quote, “It’s just me against the world.”

As soon as Meeks was released from jail he started modeling and literally went from a jail cell to the burbs and now drives a Maserati. Him and Melissa have two young sons and seemed to be happy before the business found him. Somebody give him a copy of Jay z’s 4:44 album quick so he can grow up.

Not a good way to take advantage of your second chances, Jeremy.


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