Accuser Andrea Constand Switches Sworn Testimony After Phone Records Prove She Lied About Being Unconscious During Alleged Assault

(SL) – The Daily Mail reports, telephone records projected onto a white screen for the jury, showed that during the time frame when Constand had claimed to have been unconscious and assaulted she made a slew of calls – late into the night, including calls placed to Cosby.

Directing the jury to the records Agrusa stated: ‘On March 16 at 6.30 in the morning you put a call to your friend Sherry (Williams) at 6.30 correct? And then at 6.58 that’s a call you placed to Mr Cosby and then you tried him again at 7am.
‘And some point you go to that Central High Dinner. But if you look at line 291 you call Mr Cosby at 9.45pm and then not even 6 minutes later you call Sherry Williams that same night.
‘And then in fact you called Sherry again less than a minute later didn’t you? And in fact four minutes later you called Sherry Williams again didn’t you and this time you talked to her for about 12 minutes.
‘This is the night March 16 that you were drugged and unconscious in Mr Cosby’s home at about 9.15, 9.30 and you make a call to Mr Cosby to Sherry to Sherry and that same night at 10.06pm and at 10.13pm and you’re on the phone once again at 10.06.’
Her voice rising Agrusa came to her point: ‘At the very time you told police you were drugged and unconscious you were on the phone making multiple phone calls.
‘But you were passed out? There was no way you were making those calls.’
Rounding on Constand she said: ‘You weren’t drugged that night were you? You weren’t sexually assaulted on March 16 were you?’
‘No ma’am,’ Constand replied.
NBC news also reported on the court exchange as well as Page Six.

49 thoughts on “Accuser Andrea Constand Switches Sworn Testimony After Phone Records Prove She Lied About Being Unconscious During Alleged Assault”

  1. Hopefully, the Cosby’s family will sue her man looking ass for deformation of character, humiliation & embarrassment not only to Bill, this affected his entire family.

    1. this bitch must be put in prison for yhis shit..All u fools who jumped ship on Cosby fo kiss his ass. I stayed down with cosby from day one..So many of you black people also should be a shamed of yourself. You know damn well this type of bullshit has been happening to black people for years and decades..You know how often white women lied on black men but yet so many of you turned on cosby and believed yhis bullshit,not seeing the fact these whores all came out at the same time with the same bullshit story. that right there should have sent up a a flag of bullshit coming.


      2. Well, Cosby did admit he did give women drugs and have sex with them. He was upfront about that. But in this case, she just wanted money, and wanted to bring down a beloved comedian. She screwed herself, and I hope he goes after her for her lies. This was not rape, it was willing sex, and she finally admitted it…ON THE STAND!

    2. I never believed Cosby assaulted anyone, these scandalous ass bitches are lying, I knew He g did nothing wrong , just another way to bring a good black man down …….God Bless Cosby and His family !

    3. Took the words out my mouth. question, how was anybody confused to have a mistrial? I knew he was innocent, his only mistake is he tried to buy a network. The heads of Networks have been after him ever since….ANNNNNddd LOL, it is spelled defamation…lol

      1. You r right about that. He should be jailed if he cheated with her looking more man the Cosby himself.

  2. Sad what women will do to destroy men and get money. That is a horrible lie to tell. Especially when there are people really being rapped. They would stop doing this if the law would lock them up for the lies they tell.


      1. more than 50 women have made similar accusations. Cosby admitted to drugging women. It sounds pretty likely that he did it. Will he be found guilty? time will tell

      2. I haven’t heard a single word out of Bill Cosby’s mouth about him admitting to drugging anyone. I’ve heard the news media and a lot of other Talking Heads telling me they heard it. If his true put it out there where everybody can hear it.

      3. My only issue is, if you were unconscious how do you remember so much. Girl you just lying when I go to sleep at night I don’t know nothing that happened. Unconscious means you were not awake.

  3. John, Cosby admitted to giving women drugs with their consent. They agreed to take the drugs. Since when do you take anything from anyone, that says; “this will settle you down and make you feel good”, without knowing it will probably intoxicate or drunken you. I would give in to the argument that he date rape these ladies if the drugs was introduce without their consent. This is not rape!

    1. Lots of people took drugs before sex as a way of enhancing the experience. It was very prevalent from the late 60’s into the 80’s and even now. I don’t understand why now after all the elapsed time that these women are coming forward. Why not while he was at the height of his career? I smell a conspiracy.

      1. Yes, it’s called ecstasy! !! People take it willingly when partying and having sex. Come on now, these women were well aware!

      2. OMG!!! YASS! Quaaludes the drug of choice during that time ! Every generation from BC to AD has a ‘drug’ for sexual arousal!!! They could have hung him then with just One Scream back then ! Jilted Groupies!!! Now… name one celebrity male or…. female who didn’t Sleep with 50 people…. I’ll wait….!!!
        Conspiracy !!! Propaganda !!! Deep Hatred !!!
        #Give his money back, you so disgusted !!
        #Hes a Cheater, nothing more, nothing less, you don’t have All your accomplishments erased for Cheating!!!

    2. The problem is was it consenual or not..these women were looking for money drugs and sex..Playboy mansion what is that doubt Cosby was looking for women who wanted to have fun at his you think he would have gotten away for this long if it was rapebamd non consenual.please think smart

  4. She is a poor excuse for a woman..She is chasing the Almighty dollar..She will tell a mouth full of lies in order to achieve that goal…

  5. This ain’t nothin’ new or news? This just another notch in history.. That’s all white women have done and do is lie especially when it comes to situations like this Black men and money….

  6. Liar Liar! Luckily for Bill Cosby they haven’t pyhsically lynched him although they did Lynch and judge his character hurt his reputation his business his money and tried to tear apart his family!

    1. So true, I felt the same way when I was called names by black women cause I wouldn’t believe it. They had him guilty before a trial

  7. God dont like ugly, what you do in the dark
    Will come to the light. But the love of money
    Is the root of all evil. We ought not to judge
    Oneanother but whatever judgement that
    We pass on others we will be judged accordingly. Vengence is mine saith the Lord
    He shall repay. If she is lying on Bill Cosby then she will reap what she sows, but if Bill
    Cosby did sexually assault her then he shall
    Shall Reap what he sows. There is Consequences for wrong doing knowingly.
    I will keep Bill Cosby and that woman his
    Accuser in Prayer. This whole case is really
    Money Motivated. Soooo ridiculous and sad.

  8. Clear cut case this women has went on the wrong fishing expedition using Mr. Cosby as fish bait. She hook him by being his so call friend knowingly and willfully slandering his name Accusing him of something that did not happen for the gains of money. Not only her but it was a gang of these women planning his hanging up side down. This hit squad of women has felled to tell the truth, and look how many years they kept these secret lies. Simply daughters of Satan and Hollywood could simply make a Movie Called Daughters of Satan. Why Not, Its The Buck Nake Truth!!!

  9. Black wienn across the WORLD should file a Class Action suit aganst White menWHOMi RAPED us as far back as the1400’s. These seems to longer be a statue of Limitation on rape. It’s smiple we sue the the survivors, with the same last names. Jones, Brown, Johnson, McQueen

  10. I said from the very beginning he was innocent. Why the hell would someone wait for years to come forward. Especially since the laws changed many years ago in favor of women. Then all of a sudden many women come out. All lies. When are the Libtards going to develop a brain to think with.

  11. So many vwomwn they say.. he was looking for those type of women.. I’m not saying Bill didn’t have sex with those women but I’m saying it was consenual..those women sold their soul and body for drugs..why do you think most of them were thrown out..shadt background.. Playboy mansion etc. Hx of drugs.. you don’t go to play it mansion looking for a minister. SMH .lieing about your age looking for rich mem.. if it was indeed raping if all these women and nonconsenual sex why was it kept quiet for decades.. SMH. somebody in his cp wanted more money and blew the wistle.. I’m sure alot of famous rich men have a long list of women they had sex with.ask magic Johnson..your boy Michael Jordan,Bull Clinton and the list goes on and in

    1. Many of these women also said they went back to him after the alleged drugging and raping and had consensual sex with him…AGAIN! What woman in her right mind would go BACK and have consensual sex with a man who raped her? I smelled a rat as soon as I heard that.

  12. Each time a person of color is alledgely accused of something by an Anglo, it’s truly saddens me to know the extent they will go to ruin the reputation of someone loved by so many millions. I never jumped ship and never will, but wha I do know is the road people will take as well as the things they will do to become a STAR!! groupies of all races were competing to get an audience with him and give up their douks to become a star. It’s evident people are still angry over O j Simpson’s not guilty verdict ( another story that couldn’t compared to the devastation of Cosby), the election of President Obama, and the fear of intelligence in men of color. What I’m trying to comprehend is
    #1 How can this be called rape when you followed him to his known location?
    #2 How can you call it rape when there was a strong possibility you agreed to his terms to have sex for him in exchange for maybe an interview with a producer?
    #3 Why did you so call respectable women wait to holler rape?
    To each and everooof you who decided to give him the guilty verdict before the trailSHAME ON YOU!!
    For the Prosecutor who swears Cosby is guilty, should be stripped of his license, sued for defamation of character because he wants to become famous like the prosecutor in O J’s case and to the many millions of people who are still hating, I truly pray you find GOD before you stand at the gates of HELL. For those of you never believed and stood in his defensePraise God for standing in the GAP OF PRAYER!!!! For those of you who did nothing, you better pray nothing like this happens to your family!

    1. Why was he out there cheating on his beautiful wife?? He was just a freak and that is how he liked to play the game. He thought he would not get caught. The women were stupid as hell. You know when you meet with a man “ALONE” anything can happen. It was there fault as well. They were all past the age of consent.

  13. Since they killed his son for calling out the owners of MGM when he was trying to buy them a few decades ago. The rulers (or powers to be) has been on a mission to ostracize Cosby. What better way to do so when he has no fight left in him, and to undermine his legacy. They’re retaliating against him in his old age. I can fathom two out of seven women never coming forward after several decades claiming being drugged or raped, rather they took drugs while going through the motion of sexing a known married man. But over 50 women!!? Get the hell out of here. Who is that stupid to believe that out of 50 women not even one who claim being drugged or raped for several decades later, never came forward!? Cosby is worth over $400,000,000 and has no fight if any recollection of many of the women. So unless you failed Arithmetic or Reading Comprehension. You may as well go along with what the media and these scandalous women are saying.

  14. I wouldn’t say he is completely innocent. But, I don’t think he rape this lady! Somebody is lying! In the end we all only have to answer to one person, God! He knows the truth!

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