{Video} Every Parent’s Nightmare: Daycare Worker Picks Child Up By Arm, Slams Her To The Ground Causing Facial Injuries

(SL) -The video is hard to watch, but parents need to be careful with who they trust to take care of their kids.

The shocking footage shows Gregory Diglin picking up a little girl by the arm and throwing her back to the floor. The video shows Diglin yelling at the child because she wouldn’t get off the floor. He says to her, “Don’t tell me no! Get off the floor!” He then picks her up and slams her back to the ground. The child’s face can be seen violently crashing into the floor.

After the 4-year started to scream in pain, Diglin softens his tone and tells the baby to come with him and leads her away from the view of the camera to clean up her blood.

The abuse took place at Children’s Lighthouse Daycare in Spring Texas on Wednesday.  Gregory Diglin was charged with injury to a child and is being held at Montgomery County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

Chief Matthew Rodriguez of Montgomery County Constables Office, Precinct 3 said to local station KHOU: ‘It is a high bond. This is a pretty violent action toward a very small child. We take these things very seriously in Montgomery County.’

The child has sustained injuries to the face and mouth area, busted lips, damage to the gums, featured dental damage as well.’

According to Montgomery County police, officials were alerted to the situation after the child’s mother called police and said her child was assaulted after she noticed her daughter had a split lip.

Jeff Kemp, the family’s attorney, spoke to local station KHOU and said, “The little girl is actually quite smart and was able to explain very well for a four-year-old what had happened.”

He added: ‘What happened is every parent’s worst nightmare.’


The owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony terminated the teacher’s employment immediately releasing a statement on Friday saying, “A teacher who is now no longer employed at Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony acted in a manner that neither we nor our franchisee accept or condone. 

Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company and the owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony are cooperating with local authorities to ensure that the situation is handled properly.” 



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