Atlanta Kid Cashes In

(SL) – It was Fall 2008 and AJ Bouye was playing cornerback for Tucker High School in the quarterfinals of the Georgia state AAAA football playoffs on the road against Westside Macon high school. During the contest, Bouye fell victim to “Sluggo”.

The QB for Westside pumped, Bouye bit on the fake and the receiver he was covering ran past Bouye and made a catch for a big gainer. Bouye recalls. “I read the play. I saw Macon’s QB getting ready to pass, so I reacted.

AJ Bouye at Tucker High School
All I remember was hearing one of the opposing coaches on the sideline say “Got Him”. Next thing you know the receiver was by me”.
Later on in the game they tried the same play. This time Bouye was ready. Bouye picked off the pass and ran it back for a touchdown.
And that in a nutshell is AJ Bouye. He’s a learner. A quick study but most of all he has a competitive spirit and a work ethic that has driven him to success.
Now success comes in the form of a 5 year 67.5 million dollar free agent contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bouye, won the state championship with
Tucker that year and earned a scholarship to Central Florida (The only division one school that offered).
UCF was the only college that came for him.
Bouye’s Father, Steve Bouye, recalls Aj’s state of mind back then.
“Oh he was mad that he didn’t get more offers but that kind of thing just motivate’s AJ to prove them all wrong”. Steve Bouye also recalls another time he saw his son get really upset.
“When he didn’t get drafted he was mad”
but I knew he would just out work everybody. Like he always does.”
The Houston Texans took a chance on Bouye and signed him as a free agent. Now Bouye is one of the highest payed corners in the league.The mild mannered, unassuming and deeply faithful Bouye always has a positive outlook for everyone even after his Texans were knocked out of the playoffs by The New England Patriots this past NFL season.
Bouye wasn’t drafted. The Texans signed him as a free agent. 
“Not how we wanted to end but we gave it all we got! Been a long season of ups and downs but if I’ve learned one thing this year it’s to keep God first, work hard, and stay positive no matter what life throws your way.
Always remember what somebody says you can or cannot do is none of your business all you can do is control what you can and that’s focusing on your goals everyday while encouraging and helping others to reach theirs.
AJ Bouye signs 5 year 67.5 million dollar contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
I believe if you can focus on that you will realize how great God is and the things he will continue to bless you with so that you can help others!
“Bouye will be paired with second year corner Jalen Ramsey in Jacksonville. Giving the Jags one of the top young defensive backfields in the NFL. Both can play the slot which will give the Jags defensive plenty of flexibility.Bouye, said he was really thankful to Texans and really enjoyed his time with Houston but he’s ready for A new challenge. “I’m excited, ready to go” said Bouye.
By: Dave DaCosta

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