Atlanta Officer Claims Victim Suffered Fractured Face From ‘Falling’

(SL) – There are two sides to every story and what Officer Yasin Abdulahad says happened to Anthony Walters is far different from what he claims. One thing is evident, Walters’ face is bruised, bloody, swollen and worst of all fractured. The question is….how did it get that way?

His injuries are synonymous with a couple of things like a severe beating or maybe a car wreck. But considering the situation took place at a bar in Midtown, they look to be more consistent with a severe beating which is what Walters alleges Officer Abdulahad did to him.

Abdulahad is already being investigated for shooting and killing a man outside of the public safety annex. And now Walters says he was on the receiving end of Yasin Abdulahad’s unlawful behavior.

“The situation traumatizes me, every day. To even have to think about it,” Walters told reporters.

The incident happened Oct 16, 2016.  Police say Officer Yasin Abdulahad was in full uniform but working an off-duty job at Bulldogs on Peachtree Street in midtown.

Reportedly, the officer, another officer at the scene and a witness stated Mr. Walters was belligerent and refused to leave the scene when he was asked to leave the bar.  In his report, Abdulahad, an 11-year veteran said Walters refused to leave the premise after being asked repeatedly.

Seconds later, the officer alleges Walters swung at him striking him in his forehead forcing him to grab the 25-year-old and cuff him. It’s during that struggle Abdulahad claims the two fell to the ground and that led to the injuries on Walters’ face.

“Did he mention the part where he fractured the whole right side of my face?” Walters asked the reporter.

Sgt. Warren Pickard with the Atlanta Police Department says, “In order for us to do a fair investigation we must have both sides of the story. He’s not cooperating with the investigation at this point.”

Walters has yet to share his side of the story with authorities. As to whether or not he swung on the officer first, Walters says he doesn’t remember because he was knocked unconscious.


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