Alex Rodriguez Splits Silicone Valley Billionaire Anne Wojcicki

(SL) – Alex Rodriguez and wealthy Silicon Valley CEO Anne Wojcicki ,43, have split after almost a year of dating. When the two connected, most thought they made an odd couple with nothing in common.

Well..she’s worth 30 billion dollars and while Rodriguez has a respectable net worth of about 400 million there’s a difference ….BIG difference. He might be rich, but she’s wealthy.

On a serious note, the two, only 2 years apart in age, had a common interest in the tech world and Rodriguez was attracted to her intellect.

Wojcicki pioneered a DNA research company, 23 and Me, in 2003, which gives individualized information on clients genetic history. It also does research into diseases such as Parkinson’s and asthma.

She was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and the two have remained cordial after their divorce was finalized in 2015.

Rodriguez is in Tampa on Friday getting ready for a spring training game between the Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies.

Rodriguez, 41, played his last game for the Yankees in August. He remains with the team though as an adviser.


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