Now That’s Wild! Buffalo Cohabitates With Texas Couple

(SL) – Some people enjoy dogs, cats, hamsters…even snakes, pigs and rabbits for pets. But man’s best friend for Ronnie Bridges and his wife is a 2,500 pound Buffalo named Wild Thing.

Wild for sure, as the couple equates his presence to having a small car in your house. Wild Thing is 11 years old and was one of 52 that Ronnie once owned but had to sell to pay for medical bills. The self proclaimed Buffalo Whisperer decided to keep Wild Thing when he was just 3 months old and the rest is as they say…history.

nintchdbpict000301488626Ronnie explained their buffalo has his own room in the house, and a couple other rooms he is welcome to roam as long as they move the furniture. And believe it or not, but he rarely knocks anything over. Wild Thing also loves watching television and even though he can’t turn it on himself or change the channels on his own, he prefers to watch cartoons.

“I think the news bores him,” he joked.

The Buffalo is also potty trained, although Ronnie said he somehow learned to use the bathroom outside on his own.


“He never uses the bathroom in the house,” he explained. “He walks right out,  potties, [then] turns around and comes right back in the house. It amazes me because how would you potty train a buffalo?”

Hey…different strokes for different folks.  They’ve got to tell him not to sit so close to the TV though. It’s bad for his eyes.


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