Beyonce and Jay Z Expecting Twins!

(SL) – She’s been rumored to be pregnant at least 10 times. But it looks like this time the gossip is true.  Beyonce hasn’t been photographed out lately and for me, when the Carters missed President Obama’s last party, I figured something was up. Michelle and Beyonce have formed quite the bond over the past few years. So for her to miss the outgoing celebration meant something big was going on. Blue just celebrated her birthday. I bet she was super excited about this gift!

Beyonce’ took to Instagram to make the announcement with a full belly pic to silence anyone who may have doubt. Queen Bey and Jay have 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy and have spoken candidly about a miscarriage she had in 2011. Now, the singer’s family as she put will grow by two.

We would like to share our love an happiness.  We have been blessed two times over.  We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two and we thank you for our well wishes. – The Carters. “

No word yet on when Bey is due. Congrats a thousand times!

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