Vigilante Justice: Accused Killer Markeith Loyd Loses Eye Suffers Broken Nose And Jaw During Apprehension

(SL) – It’s a case that has captured the nation. Markeith Loyd, as most do, posted a frivolous statement on social media about wanting to be on America’s Most Wanted List which some people deemed prophetic after he ended up on the 15 top wanted list following the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, unborn child and Orlando police officer Deborah Clayton. Let’s be clear, Keith is only accused of these crimes and hasn’t been convicted of the alleged infractions.

As with all stories, there are two sides. I personally, took time to look at his social media page to see what kind of activity he was involved in and what may have happened leading up to December 13th. By all accounts, he seems like a normal dude with a sketchy background but trying to make the most out of a new chance at life.

Reportedly he did over 10 years in prison on a drug charge and other issues. But let’s be honest. Everybody knows somebody who is in prison or has done time so let’s not judge. Hell Martha Stewart has even served time. I say that to say, let’s not focus on his past, but what was happening at the time he was arrested.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the family of Sade Dixon and no one deserves to die on the end of gunfire, but when one asks, “What was she doing with him.”  What I see is two people who complimented each other, had the same interests and were attempting to build a life together.  I thought she was completely sweet and innocent until I saw the video that she posted on his page where she referred to a white cop who pulled Loyd over for not wearing a seat-belt as a cracker. She also suggested that Loyd kill the cop so they could get on about their business.

I am in no way implying that this woman was at fault for her death in anyway, but I think she was a woman with an edge. When you have two people in a relationship with an edge, every situation is usually heightened in passion and emotion. She repeatedly says in the video that they have ‘stuff’ in the car,  to which Loyd questions why she’s saying that and to stop.

Seemingly all in fun, she jokes that Loyd always gets off and that she’s going to start telling the cops to check his record. She continued and Loyd would later be given a warning with her telling the officer, “Bye cracker.” as he walked back to his vehicle.  Dixon then urges Loyd to slow down because he’s not going to kill her and the baby driving fast in the rain. Loyd would be dead weeks later.

This whole situation is just sad. Pain for all families involved and there are only a few people who really know the truth. During his first appearance, Loyd attempted to tell his side of the story in which he passionately said that he wouldn’t just kill Sade like that. He states that while they were outside talking, her younger brother pulled up and other ‘stuff’ happened. He claims a gun was pulled out on him.

Was he protecting himself? What about the officer, Deborah Clayton? Was that cold blooded murder from a man on the run and willing to do anything to keep his freedom? One will only know once the Orlando Police Department shares the surveillance tape from Walmart. To be continued…..



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