{Watch) Cell phone Use Leads To Markeith Loyd’s Capture As It Appears He Was Severely Beaten During Arrest

(SL) – The week long search for Markeith Damengzlo Loyd is over. Orlando Police announced his capture about an hour ago. Reportedly, Loyd’s face was mangled as he implied that he had been beaten by officers.

Loyd has been the focus of a week long manhunt since Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was killed in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Before the Jan. 9 shooting, authorities had been looking for Loyd for questioning in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last month. A second officer was killed in a car accident responding to the Loyd pursuit. Several people have been arrested for helping Loyd. He is accused of killing his girlfriend and unborn child.

The sergeant had been tipped off that Loyd was in the area while she was at the store. She was shot when she approached Loyd, who then fled. Loyd was allegedly caught after he used his cellphone. That’s how they found him. The house he was found in was abandoned but is believed to belong to someone he knows and ironically may be close to victim Deborah Clayton’s house.

His name was added to U.S. Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted Fugitives list earlier Tuesday as local, state and federal authorities scoured the area for him. There was a $100,000 reward set, with some some people as seen here on a facebook post, eager to cash in.


Loyd, 41, had been sought in connection with the shooting deaths on Dec. 13 of Sade Dixon, 24, a mother of two who was three months pregnant, and of Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton during a confrontation on Jan. 9.

Police said Loyd is believed to have been wearing a bulletproof vest as he stood over Clayton and shot her to death. Orange County sheriff’s Deputy Norman Lewis, an 11-year veteran, was killed in a crash as authorities gave pursuit.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina tweeted that Clayton’s handcuffs were used to secure Loyd after he was captured. Allegedly, he was crawling from the house he was hiding in when a ‘scuffle’ ensued.  Judging from his injuries, it’s possible that his civil rights were violated in the capture.



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