Twin Saves Brother Trapped Under Dresser

(SL) – The parents of 2-year old twins Brock and Bowdy Shoff were hesitant about posting the video but thought it would be a good learning lesson for parents to bolt down their furniture. There are a numerous amount of dresser drawer deaths reported each year, so the video serves it purpose in showing how easily things can go wrong in a split second. Both toddlers were left unscathed. Their mother calls it a complete miracle .

Kayli Shoff told TIME, “I think it’s a complete miracle, honestly. It comes down on his head really hard.  Not even a little scratch or a bruise.  We were lucky. I just kind of felt ashamed and embarrassed as a parent. I could have prevented this.”  The children’s dresser was not anchored to the wall as recommended by safety experts to prevent toddler injuries or deaths.


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