A Mother’s Heartache: Prayers For Mom Mourning The Loss Of One Son While Trying To Stay Strong For Another Still Critical After They Were Hit By A Car While Riding A Dirt Bike

(SL) – It’s as if you can feel her pain through her words. A mother of three in Beckley, Wva is mourning the death of middle son while trying to stay strong  for her youngest and balanced for her oldest.

And what has happened, no mother should ever have to go through.  According to her FB page, this heartbreaking reality for Shannon Wilson started  with a phone call while she was in church. It was then that one can assume she was notified that something horrible had occurred.

10-year-old Steven (Left) and 8-year-old Anthony ‘Ant’ were students at Stratton Elementary School

Growing up in Beckley, the country roads and quiet communities are a welcomed haven to well….. country life. Four wheeling down the mountain, scooter ride around the park, walks around the neighborhood or a cruise around the block. So the thought of two young boys riding a dirt bike isn’t out of the norm. But Sunday, December 11th  would be anything but that.

unnamed-17It’s incredibly sad. Looking at her posts, she’s a hardworking,  good mom who spoils her kids and does anything she can for them as shown through a cute post about her oldest son Ke’ron, who doesn’t eat the school’s lunch so she would take him Captain D’s on his break.

Or the last minute birthday party she pulled off for Anthony just a week before this tragedy would take place.

Life is unpredictable. Each day is different but when something of this magnitude happens, it truly rocks you to the core. Seeing the sacrifices this woman was making to ensure her kids kept those beautiful smiles on their faces, it’s clear she’s their hero and it hurts to imagine what she must feel.

One day she’s pulling an all-nighter to make sure her youngest has the birthday party of his dreams and 8 days later she’s by his side in a hospital while he fights for his life and bearing the pain of losing her middle child at the same time.

According to Shannon, her two youngest boys 10-year old Steven Powell and 8-year old Anthony Wilson were on a dirt bike making a short trip to ‘grams’  house  on Plumley Street when the unthinkable happened on Patch Street.

If you know Beckley, the two streets intersect which is even more heartbreaking, because they were so close to their destination when they were  hit by a car. The driver, a 21-year old woman, has not been identified and reportedly will not be charged.

Beckley Police Chief Lonnie Christian said Steven died at the hospital following the collision. Anthony remains hospitalized in Morgantown, WV.

The accident has ripped a whole in the heart of Beckley and Stratton Elementary where the two were students. Teachers described them both as warm, kind, respectful and smart children who lit up a room with their smiles and personalities.

Shannon’s grief is hard to read. In one post, she asked, “Why me?”

unnamed-16In another she  talked about how she loves her boys more than life itself and wished she could trade places with them.

As she put it, so she could watch down on her kids from Heaven because she’s lived her life and without them, she can’t go on.

Wilson has been giving regular updates on Anthony’s condition, but hasn’t commented since the 18th after the WVU Basketball team visited the little one. She laid her 10-year old to rest on Tuesday, December 2oth.

It’s clear how this story is affecting not only Beckley, but surrounding communities. At a vigil for ‘Ant’, a very diverse group of people including a few police officers prayed and in a touching sentiment released balloons to the sky in memory of little Steven and in prayer for little Anthony.

Shannon has expressed her gratitude and credited her supporters for keeping her going.


Hoping she’s okay.  Can’t imagine what she’s going through. Pray that God eases her pain and heals little Anthony completely.  Heartbreaking tragedy this time of the year. Dear Lord, keep them covered.

15 thoughts on “A Mother’s Heartache: Prayers For Mom Mourning The Loss Of One Son While Trying To Stay Strong For Another Still Critical After They Were Hit By A Car While Riding A Dirt Bike”

  1. So why isn’t the driver being charged?? Are they looking into this? Would it be this way if it would have been a little white boy?

    1. It happened on city streets where dirt bikes have no business. Especially with with little children operating them. Color is not the issue here. Off road vehicles do not belong on city streets.

  2. The boys were riding a dirt bike with No helmet on snowy roads and ran a stop sign and hit the vehicle head on. The vehicle followed all the rules of the road. It’s heart breaking, and I’ve been praying for this family. I can’t imagine going through anything like it.

    1. Speak on what u know stop assuming things wasn’t no snow it wasn’t a Main Street kids ride down the road all day n night police see them n don’t bother them! The point is this the 2nd person the girl hit with in a year n the speed limit on the street is 15mph she was going 40 lets start with facts!!

    2. It wasnt snowing and in wv dirt bikes are aloud to ride on the roads as long as thier know orange lines on the rides
      And no they was hit and if she was going the speed limit my nephew would be here and my other nephew wouldnt be fighting for his life
      She was going more than 25 mph
      And the injury they have helmet or no helmet they would still have them

    3. First of all please get the fact. You have and opinion But not Fact how is head on when they was out in font of the car and if you call 45 in a 25 and not paying attention and try to leave. Keep readying all the Fact will come to life. Keep Praying & when Praying call out his name In the name of Jesus Anthony

  3. My Heart ache so for this Mother,I know what she is going through and her pain..Losing a child is the hardest thing a parent will ever experience.I know it all too well.. it’s heartbreaking,I cry for her n myself…My Condolences and Prayers to her and her Family!!!

  4. I don’t care if they had a helmet on or not, their was no stop sign where it was said they ran the stop sign, and the speed limit on that Street is residential, their where no signs that the driver attempted to miss the children nor stop her vehicle. Several people have said she was arguing with a passenger in the car and was possibly texting and driving above the posted speed limit for this area. No one is saying she did this on purpose, but she took the life of a 10 year old child and left an 8 year old child fighting for his life. She should be held accountable for that in some way. Rather it’s loose her dl tell she is 21, have to pay the funeral and burial costs as well as the hospital bills. Something she shouldn’t get away Scot free for this.

  5. My twins have went to school with Steven since kindergarten. My youngest niece is in class with Ant. My oldest niece with Keron. Our hearts are broken for this family. Steven’s teacher used the phrase #Strattonstrong in a post showing support for the family, and the teachers wore tshirts they made with a logo # Strattonstrong in memory of Steven for their Christmas program last week. Its ridiculous to argue over whether or not the boys should have been on the dirt bike. Its not uncommon around here, and it doesn’t change the fact that a mother lost her son, a teacher lost her student, and me as well as several other parents have to comfort our crying children who lost a dear friend. Offer them your prayers, not criticism. And for the record, no, it was not snowing. It was a warm, beautiful day.

  6. Bailey and Scott wth is y’all problem .. Like no sympathy or respect at all for the family especially the mother that have to endure this … For God sake people she was in church 2young boys jump on a small dirt bike( which the razor scooters are the size of the dirt bike) and both boys where on it the 21 year was arguing with the passager the boys swerved and she still hit them head on causing her SUV to be total that it had to be put on a wrecker and hauled away .. But what’s some bullshit is that how are you gonna try to get charges on mother when the boys was not even her care at the time . #2 This woman just buried one #3 and one still fighting #4 Boys were just being boys #5 the 21 year had just got her license back they were suspended for DUI now . if you don’t know the facts or Beckleys law or live the STFU #prayingAntAnt

  7. My prayers are with this mom and her boys. Im so sorry that you gotta go threw this type of pain. I was born n raised in Beckly so to see this all the way in Michigan. I cant phantom this kind of hurt but I know a man in Heaven that will help you threw all of this. Reflect on all your memories of your babies let their laughter n love help heal you. Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. Please keep fighting mom ur other two boys need you and you need them. My heart is arching just from reading this. RIP lil Angel.

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