{Video} Spalding County Woman Brutally Beaten Outside Of Home

(Fox 5) – A Spalding County woman is recovering from a brutal attack outside her own home. Investigators said she was beaten by a man demanding money and the attack only stopped because neighbors heard her screams.

With her injuries from the attack still very obvious, Shirley Newman broke down and cries when talking to FOX 5’s Patty Pan about what happened to her Wednesday in the driveway of her home.


She had just gotten back from picking up groceries and a newspaper. She was in her driveway on Magnolia Drive when the unthinkable happened.

The 69-year-old woman said a man dressed in black wearing a toboggan approached her and just kept punching her.

Ms. Newman said it felt like an eternity, but her screams for help eventually paid off. Neighbors like Betty Brown heard her cries for help.

Ms. Newman had to get stitches to the back of her head, is finally regaining some vison in her eyes despite still swollen, sustained scratches to her arms and legs, and is unable to eat solid food because her lip was busted open.

Sadly, Ms. Newman said the attack has changed everything for her.


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