Hawks Maintain Balance Without Howard But Fail To Take Win Over Timberwolves

(SL) – The Atlanta hawks had one job to do tonight and they were determined to get it done. Coming in 14-14 and tied for 7th in the Eastern Division something had to give. First quarter, they got off to a good start going head to head with a powerful Minnesota team led by Andrew Wiggins who is just a beast and a little guy they call Karl-Anthony Towns .No problem though because Atlanta has a few beats of their own. Paul Millsap and Dennis Schroder led the way with Dennis keeping the pace and balancing the offense and Millsap dominating inside. But, could they do it. Without Dwight Howard. Strong and consistent Millsap went into the half 3 rebounds short of a double double with 7 boards and 12 points.

img_5694And Dennis Schroder was right there with. But as Coach Bud and others noticed, the energy was off and that momentum started to slack in the second half but they didn’t give up. Coach Bud said, “We competed really hard.  It was kind of a beat-em up, ugly (game) . Neither team was really efficient offensively or shot high percentages.  It was tough to get the ball to go in the basket.”

With 3:23 left in the game, the Hawks were still down 87-82. And the refs wouldn’t make it easy allowing Minnesota to get away with goaltending but the Hawks didn’t give up.
Schroder kept driving to basket and keeping the pace for Atlanta. But with random slips in defense and missed ops on easy layups it wouldn’t work in Atlanta’s favor and Minnesota
would win. Making it their 2 win in Philips arena after losing 14 in a row.  Final Score   92-84.  Dennis Schroder led all scorers with 21 while Millsap was good for 18 pts and 10 rebounds and 7 assists.
Andrew Wiggins had 19 points 7 rebounds for Minnesota. And let’s not talk about Towns who smashed the boards with 18 and scored 17 points. The Hawks will try again on Friday against the Nuggets in Denver. Minnesota will battle the Kings at home.

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