Florida Woman Who Tried To Hire A Hit Man To Kill Husband Walks For Now, Deadlocked Jury Leads To Mistrial

(SL) – Blame it on COPS..the TV show? Really? That’s the explanation coming from Dalia Dippolito’s attorney about the secret recording that shows her plotting to hire a hit man to kill off her husband. This was her second trial. She was convicted and sentenced to 20 years the first time around but the verdict was thrown out  on appeal due to jury selection mistakes made by the Judge.

How this jury failed to seal the deal is beyond me. The four-woman, two man jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked following nine hours of deliberations.  34-year old Dippolito is accused of trying to hire a hit man to murder her husband Michael in 2009.  It was all caught on tape

In 2011 the jury convicted her in three hours. The difference this time is that her new attorneys aggressively attacked the Boynton Beach Police Department, saying detectives were more interested in starring on ‘Cops,’ which happened to be filming in town, than they were about doing a thorough investigation.


Lead attorney Brian Claypool spent the trial ripping the police investigation, calling it ‘evil, manipulative, corrupt, self-serving’.

She’s not out of the woods yet.  Prosecutors plan to retry Dippolito for a third time in the murder-for-hire case targeting her newlywed husband. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.


Claypool said informant Mohammed Shihadeh first told detectives Dippolito was a domestic abuse victim, and said they could have handled it simply by calling her.

Instead, Claypool said, detectives ‘escalated’ the investigation to impress ‘Cops’ producers, who were arriving in town to film cases with the department.



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