Amanda Davis Arrested Again Just Weeks Before She’s Set To Start New Job

(SL) – Dear Amanda…Uber or a Driver! Don’t risk it! Rooting for you!

amanda-davis-2Former Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis was arrested on a suspended license Tuesday, according to Cobb County jail records.

Davis was released late Tuesday evening on a $1,320 bond after being arrested about 3 p.m. near Cumberland Mall, according to records.

According to Cobb police, Davis was driving a blue Mercedes when she was pulled over by an officer for an expired tag who later discovered her tag was expired. He later discovered her license was suspended.

Davis’ license suspension stemmed from her previous DUI arrests, police said.

Davis left Fox 5 following a November 2012 DUI arrest. She was arrested again in June 2015, a day before she was scheduled to make her debut on CBS46’s “Just A Minute.”

She was recently hired as a morning anchor for CBS46. Davis is scheduled to start Jan. 2

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