The Kardashians..See If You Can Keep Up: Lawsuits,Trademark Blockage, Copycat Claims, Divorce, Plastic Surgery, Stepmom Khloe and Kanye! Ready?

(SL) – If the Kardashians and Jenners were looking for some content to keep their show afloat the past few months have given them plenty. Let’s start with Kanye’s breakdown. The Grammy nominated artist has reemerged with blonde hair and rumors of a new album. Nothing wrong with that…the real talk is that his breakdown will be prominently featured on the TV show. Not surprised considering that Lamar flat-lining was exempt from coverage so you know they will spotlight Ye’s mental collapse.

video-222599There were also rumors of a divorce to which sources are saying whereas it has been a rough few months for Kim and Kanye there are no plans to call it quits. I don’t see these two breaking up..they both knew what they were getting into when they hooked up. Collectively a part of each other’s brands now, it wouldn’t be that easy to let it go.

Speaking of baby daddies, Khloe is now under criticism for dating Cavs player Tristan Thomas who is rumored to have left his pregnant girlfriend to keep up with Khloe. People are referring to Khloe’s criticism of Rob when he disappeared on China while she was pregnant saying that no man should ever do that to a pregnant woman but here she is laid up with Tristan who allegedly left his baby’s mother for good. Khloe also put her plumped up cakes on blast for her new GQ  Germany feature where she posed for the upcoming January issue in a sexy, black one-piece ensemble.  Sporting a waist-length blonde weave the 2nd to youngest Kardashian tapped into her inner Beyonce for the shoot.


While we’re on Kim and Khloe, add to Kourtney to the mix and Blac Chyna soon to become Angela Renee Kardashian and you’ve got a recipe for Trademark drama. Chyna’s attorney attempted to trademark Angela Renee Kardashian and Kim, Khloe and kourtney’s lawyers jumped into action.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, the Kardashian siblings’ companies are legally opposing soon-to-be- sister-in-law Blac Chyna‘s attempt to trademark her presumptive married name, Angela Renée Kardashian. Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian already have an up-and-down

relationship with brother Rob Kardashian‘s fiancée (whose legal name is Angela Renée White). And now the sisters’ companies have alleged they’ll “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill” if Chyna takes the Kardashian name to legally align herself (and her brand) with Rob and their infant daughter Dream.

Now that an opposition has been filed, what happens next with Chyna’s trademark request?

“You file the mark, and about six months later the trademark office will review and will say, ‘Okay it’s fine, I’m moving it on,’ ” Zerner explains. “And then it gets published in what’s called the Trademark Official Gazette. It’s like public notice.”

What follows is a 30-day period where anyone who thinks they might be harmed by the trademark can file an opposition. Now that the opposition from the Kardashians has been filed, Zerner says Chyna has a certain amount of days to answer.

Ultimately, the court will decide if Chyna’s trademark request is confusingly similar or not. Keep in mind that even when Kardashian becomes her legal name it may still be difficult but easier. Ooooh Felicia! So what next..will they block Chyna’s attempt to trademark their niece Dream’s name? Allegedly Kris Jenners says they have told their lawyers to back all the way off. We’ll see.

In related news, the Kardashians recently settled a lawsuit with a man who accused the reality stars of discriminating against the blind.


The sisters agreed to a confidential deal, which states the man will dismiss the entire lawsuit against them and their Dash Boutique.

Andre Gomez filed a federal lawsuit accusing the sisters of not taking necessary steps to notice people that their store’s online website limits those with disabilities from using it and segregates the disabled into being non-participants, ie “second-class citizens.” The man said when a company’s website is not fully accessible to all, it’s essentially a bad business practice, a detriment to their stake holders, the disabled and society.

AND lastly let’s jump to Kylie’s lip kit drama...Kylie Jenner may find that out soon enough. Jenner has made a killing off of her lip kit, but she may owe makeup artist Vlada Haggerty some coins. Vlada finally put Kylie on blast for ripping off her creative direction and stealing her ideas.

Looking at the images Kylie Cosmetics has obviously borrowed some of Vlada’s work. From the lip drip that Vlada started doing back in early 2014 (Kylie’s lip kit dropped in late 2015) to her latest promo in which her team didn’t even attempt to switch up the creation, it’s unequivocal that Jenner’s team is looking to Haggerty for ‘help’! It’s a thin line and Jenner better tell her crew to use their own brains before they have to split some shares!



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