{Video} Wonder What Donald Trump Thinks About His N-Bomb Dropping Supporter In Memphis

(SL)  Brandon, who goes by the name of Skye Lev, of Memphis, Tennessee, recorded a video during a road rage confrontation of a man unleashing a litany of racial slurs on him. Lev claims the other driver flipped him off before turning into a parking lot. Lev, who is black, said he initially got angry, but decided his anger wouldn’t solve the problem and wanted to have a peaceful discussion with the man.

As he approached the car, Lev rolled down his window to talk to the other man, who was white. Lev said before he could utter a word, the other man began chanting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s name, saying ‘Black lives don’t matter’ and calling Lev a ‘n*****’.  Lev has posted the video several times to Facebook where it has received hundreds of thousands of views and comments, but the site has removed the video several times.

Many have praised Lev for remaining calm during the interaction and not becoming violent as he suffered through the racist tirade. I’m sure Trump is proud. He loves this kind of stuff.


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