Who Said The Falcons Were Soft?

(Atlanta, GA) – There’s no denying that the Atlanta Falcons are a good football team. But depending on who you ask, they might tell you that they lack mental toughness.  So many games have slipped away in the final minutes, leads blown and what usually appears to be an overall cerebral collapse.

Halfway through the season Atlanta is proving that they’ve been to the altar and had a serious come to Jesus meeting with their offense and their defense. No softies around here. Between secret weapons, depth and perseverance, Atlanta is showing sports fans that they can got toe to toe with the best of them. Take it down to the wire if you want to and see what happens.

sam_0452 Sunday’s game against the Packers highlighted plenty of strengths for Atlanta in the 33-32 win including intestinal fortitude. The Falcons and Packers seemed to go back and forth up until the 4th qtr when with just under 4 minutes left Aaron Rogers delivered his 4th TD Pass of the game and put Green Bay up by 6. But did the Falcons crumble? No! The past 2 games Atlanta crumbled but not today.

With a banged up Julio Jones and an injured Jacob Tamme, Matt Ryan needed some other folks to make their presence known and they did just that. in his 32nd career game-winning drive, Ryan connected with Mohamed Sanu in the back of the end zone. Post Game Coach Quinn talked about the game winning TD.

The Falcons will play Tampa Bay Thursday night in a game where redemption will certainly be on their minds. The Falcons are a game and a half ahead of the Buccs so they need to go hard and with a new fire lit, it shouldn’t be hard.


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