Coach’s Corner: Hawks’ HCC Mike Budenholzer Is Pleased With What He Sees

(SL) – Coach Mke Budenholzer has always struck me as a no-look back kind of guy so when the Hawks made the choice to swap out Teague and Horford made a dash…Coach had a plan. And guess what..It’s going to work! Teague is gone..Schroder is up and where many think that Dennis needs to learn how to pass the ball..guess what, he will when he wants to and that’s okay.
Every professional basketball player has a little street-ball in him and there’s nothing wrong with that. Besides, if he misses, there’s Millsap, Howard, Baze, Thabo and Timmy J to back him up. It will blend and be exciting at the same time.
Don’t believe me…listen to Coach Bud

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