Chargers Rally To Beat Falcons 33-30 In Crushing OT Loss

(SL) –  What happened in Sunday’s match-up between the Falcons and the Chargers defies offensive integrity. Atlanta came out guns blazing unified and cohesive. The chemistry was as tight as thread in a needle and before you knew it the Falcons had a 17 pt lead (27-10) and it looked like a game where one could cut out early and beat traffic. It was in the bag.
And then, as quickly as a blowout looked to be in sight the Chargers found momentum and capitalized on missed opportunities and penalties.  We’re not going to talk about  the back to back false starts.  The line was struggling ..leaving room for San Diego to rack up 20 points to Atlanta’s 3 and next thing you know..we’re heading into OT.
In OT, Denzel Perryman who had picked off a pass to Julio Jones  earlier in the game, popped up again and caught the Falcons slipping when they decided to go for it 4th and 1 on their own 45. Devanta Freeman took the hand-off but Perryman was right and the result was a loss of one.
Now don’t get it twisted. San Diego is not with the sh***. They’re a tough team to beat but Atlanta can’t squander away a 17 point lead and then lose ground in OT leaving San Diego in field goal range with little to no work to do. A field goal doesn’t take much effort and that’s what Matty Matt and the boys handed to Philip Rivers and his Diego squad.
On another note: Julio Jones is in a league of his own. Watching him catch balls is so effortless it looks like everything is in slow motion. His arms are too long, he’s too quick and he can jump way too match for him really. Julio reeled in a 50 yarder and overall had a good game but the Falcons have got to play four strong qtrs.  The Falcons will play the Packers at home on Sunday. Kickoff is at 4:25p.

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