As Timmy J Struggles Many Question His Role With The Atlanta Hawks

(SL) –  It happens to the best of them. All seems well and then here and there you fall into a shooting slump.  Such is the case  right now for Atlanta shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. who has struggled during the preseason shooting 3-30, 0-11 from the perimeter.

Anyone who knows THJ knows that he has one of the strongest work ethics and doesn’t mind taking all of the necessary steps like going down to the D-League to get where he needs to be. He had an excellent off-season so it’s hard not to feel sorry for the guy.  But with all humps, the key is to get over them.
While some people are saying Hardaway Jr. could be traded along with Mike Scott to Houston. Coach Bud says it’s early and he’s not concerned saying, “Timmy is such a conscientious and had-working (player), My only real concern is that he just relaxes and flushes it out. He’s had a great summer. We are extremely confident in him. But he is one of those guys who wants to be good. He’s so diligent and conscientious.”
Note to Timmy J…hang from the nets, have fun and take it one shot at at a time!

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