Despite Loss To Pistons, Dennis Schroder And Dwight Howard Continue To Build Chemistry

(SL) – (Atlanta, GA) – As pre-season play continues for the Atlanta Hawks Coach Bud has to be pleased with how Dennis Schroder and Dwight Howard are blending on the court. Schroder chipped in 17 points while D. Howard was good for 15 in their pre-season loss to the Detroit Pistons. Despite the 99-94 loss, Coach Bud had to be impressed with the way the two are working their way around the offense.

At first critics were skeptical and wondered if Howard would fit in with Atlanta’s style of play and now the dynamic duo is receiving one-two punch praise with some people likening them to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. By most accounts, Howard hasn’t played with a point guard this promising in his career.

DSC_2513.JPGCan’t really count Nash because he was nearing the end of his career while Schroder at just 23 years old is in his prime and expected to be one of the best PGs in the league.  Superman is still lethal enough to fly and dominate on the pick and roll while Dennis with top speed is quick enough to get to the basket.

It could bring a type of heat to Atlanta that could make them the alley-oop city of the East. Will certainly be looking for more progression from these two on Sunday when they visit Orlando. Tip off is at 6pm.




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