Second Incident Of Police Being Called To Tamar Braxton’s Home After Alleged Altercation With Husband Emerges

(SL)- All press isn’t good press and lately Tamar Braxton has been racking up points on the wrong side of popularity.  After being released from the Real, the singer has been making headlines mostly because of domestic issues with husband Vincent Herbert.

Hard to believe because if you’ve ever met Vince he appears to have a calm temperament and sweet disposition. But…lately there’s seem to be a darker side emerging; maybe not so much from Vincent but from their marriage.

images.jpgDespite authorities being called to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta where they were staying on August 21, where Vincent allegedly bit his wife’s finger, the pair have put on a brave face and presented themselves as a happy couple to the media. But now reports of another altercation in which sister Toni reportedly called authorities is emerging.

When authorities arrived, they took statements from several of the other family members on hand.  However, since there were no physical signs of battery, Vince was not arrested.

AN unnamed source says, “What’s going on with Tamar and Vince is business as usual for the couple and the public is learning what their family and friends have always known.”38ec744400000578-3790836-image-a-35_1475163335299The The star of WE TV’s Braxton Family Values with her sisters was an original co-host of the daytime talk show The Real until she reportedly was removed for bad behavior behind the scenes – poor focus group research and her costing the show advertisers .

While working on The Real, the 39-year-old singer hired Hayley Lockwood-Shore from the show’s staff and made her the couple’s personal assistant. In a Facebook post, Hayley commented on the domestic incident with the couple saying, “Itdownload-1 just won’t stop. Thank god I got out. I seriously felt unsafe.”

 Sources say hings have been tense with Tamar and Vince because her termination from The Real has further exasperated the couple’s mounting financial woes.

It’s already been reported that Vince has an outstanding tax debt of nearly $5million, in addition to their recent lawsuit from Crystal Clear Audio & Video, that is suing the couple for failing to pay for the custom wiring installed at their home.


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