Prince George Is Not With The Sh***

(SL) – If you’re expecting to get a high five from Prince George, expect to be left hanging as the young royal doesn’t appear to be familiar with the friendly gesture.

A nice wave sure, handshake…not a problem, high-five…forget about it! Prince George left another Canadian hanging as he ignored the high five of a schoolboy just days after snubbing the nation’s Prime Minister.3901e64700000578-3817763-image-a-82_1475366027773As he walked across Victoria Airport on the last day of his family’s tour of Canada, Prince George, who was holding the hand of his father the Duke of Cambridge, was approached by Daniel Brachman for a high five only to turn to his father when the Canadian outstretched his hand.

Brachman said, ‘I tried to high five him but he didn’t want to.’ The little prince did, however, shake the hand of Governor General David Johnston after William prompted him. Prince George and Prince Charlotte have been a big hit on the tour with their adorable antics earning them the nickname ‘Kate’s Cuties’ with Canadians.



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