Trying To Shame Former Latina Miss Universe Backfires On Trump And Threat To Focus On Bill Clinton Infidelity Could Prove To Be Hypocritical

(SL) – He’s been touting a victory over Hillary Clinton in the first Presidential Debate, but the numbers prove to be different. In fact, after pretty much sticking with Hillary neck and neck, Trump is official behind Clinton and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to catch up after his reckless behavior has once again turned America and the GOP off.hillary-clinton-debate-w710-h473-2xDuring Monday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton was effective in exposing, once again, Donald’s insensitivity towards minorities and women. And instead of going ‘High’Clinton defended his comments about Alicia Machado by going ‘Low’…real low. Instead of backpedaling, Trump took to twitter in early morning hours to try and discredit Machado and discussed an alleged ‘sex tape’, encouraging his supporters to ‘check out her sex tape’.

Let’s be clear. There is no evidence of a sex tape. Trump is referring to racy footage from a reality show.  The temperamental and inexperienced Republican candidate also began speaking about former president Bill Clinton’s affairs as a campaign issue and is threatening to bring it up during the next debate.  But that might not be the best idea. Donald trump has been accused of not only cheating on but allegedly raping Ivana Trump when they were married. His history with women seems to be incredibly ‘janky’.ht_gma_alicia_machado1_mem_160928_31x13_1600And let’s not forget about all of the sniffling during the debate…what was that about??Florida senator Marco Rubio dodged a question about Trump’s debate performance by saying he was on a plane. Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson said he’s not a pundit and refused to comment.  And when asked about The Trump-Machado feud, Paul Ryan said: : ‘I was working out and working this morning. I didn’t watch.’alicia-machado-miss-universe-donald-trump-001-1474994935Meanwhile, Hillary continues to build off of Donald’s shortcomings releasing her won tweet at 3:20 in the morning.

“There are hundreds of thousands more @AmeriCorps applications than spots. Horrible! Let’s expand it from 75,000 annual members to 250,000.”

“Too many talented young people pass up on programs like @Peacecorps because of student loans. Let’s use GOOD JUDGMENT & lighten that burden.”


The Vice President Debate is scheduled for Oct. 4th.



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