Falcons Shutdown Cam Newton, Knocked Out Of Game With Concussion

(SL) – Cam Newton has seen better days. The MVP struggled to execute those running plays that normally wreak havoc on defensive players.  Linebacker Deion Jones and defensive end Vic Beasley both had open-field tackles on Newton who was held at 5 runs for 30 yards.sam_0098And it was Jones’ 4th quarter hit that took Cam out of the game with a concussion. With the Panthers trailing 34-16, Newton ran to his left and strolled into the end zone casually to successfully convert the 2-point try. However, at the goal line, Cam was hit high by Falcons LB Deion Jones. sam_0095Reportedly, the hit was unnecessary as most believe Newton shouldn’t have eased up his entry into the end zone. Jones was penalized but Cam was knocked out of the game with a concussion. Newton is physically imposing no doubt, but he should protect himself at all times. . No word yet on if Cam will in the Panthers’ upcoming game against the Buccaneers.


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