Monitored Visits With Kids And Therapy, Brad And Angelina Construct Temporary Custody Agreement

(SL) – Until they can reach an amicable settlement, Hollywood hunk Brad Pit has agreed to a temporary custody deal for 3 weeks. The Fury actor, 52, will get an initial monitored visit followed by other visits that may or may not be monitored. He has also volunteered to get random drug testing, and the entire family will undergo counseling.

Reportedly, the temporary agreement which will last until October 20th is a voluntary agreement that has a structured decision-making plan. Neither Brad nor Angelina were forced to get counseling, they both volunteered to do so for the sake of the family.


Angelina seemingly filed for divorce out of the blue, but reportedly the golden couple has been have issues for some time. The couple spent over a decade together before finally tying the knot 2 years ago. Allegedly, Jolie was concerned about  Brad’s drinking and use of alcohol, but Pitt took a urine and drug test and both came up negative. It’s also being said that Brad wanted her to continue to work and stop traveling all over the globe with their kids, while Angie wanted to settle into her humanitarian work and ease her way out of the Hollywood scene.

There was also a report about an alleged altercation between and oldest son Maddox. The FBI has said it is gathering evidence about allegations Pitt was involved in a dispute on a private flight with his family on September 14, although the agency has not opened a formal investigation. Sources familiar with the allegations have said they center on the actor’s treatment of his oldest son.


Several outlets have reported that the incident was being investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, but the agency said it could not confirm whether it was involved.

Some outlets claim the Hollywood veterans have still not come to an agreement on permanent financial support and property. They own several homes together, including a compound in the Hollywood Hills and the stunning $60m Chateau Miraval estate in France.


Their combined fortune is estimated at $555m.

Both People and Entertainment Tonight have reported the two actors were meeting all week to hash out a deal. The negotiations have been private and believed to be held in Los Angeles.


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