No Whole In The Wall Showers And Twin Beds For USA Basketball Team, Check Out The Cruise Liner Kyrie, Melo And The Boys Will Call Home While In Rio

(SL) – If you thought the ZIKA virus was frightening, the living conditions in the Athletes’ Village will make you worry about catching a few other things as well; and the USA Basketball team isn’t taking any chances.

36CB024E00000578-3720299-Teammate_Matthew_Dellavedova_also_shared_a_photo_of_he_and_Ryan_-a-35_1470167020522We’ve all seen the images. Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut making his own shower curtain and Mathew Dellavedova looking like he is in a remake of School Days. The conditions of the living quarters for athletes competing in the Summer Olympics leave a lot to be desired especially considering that these athletes are top tier performers with paychecks to match.

However, somebody didn’t get the memo in Rio and the Athletes Village has become something of a joke and Team USA will clearly have no parts of it. Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and other USA athletes won’t be roughing it while in Rio.  Instead they will be living in the lap of luxury with a spa, shops and 7ft beds aboard the Silversea Silver Cloud.

One official said they would have been pestered for autographs and selfies in the athletes’ village. But two NBA stars (granted they’re playing for Australia) are in the village sleeping on single beds. The boat is in the Bay of Rio where construction work is still not complete but the Ship is more than ready.

The NBA’s finest will arrive for the Rio Olympics today to take up residence in this luxury cruise ship. And although construction isn’t finished ,  the luxury cruise ship is a far cry from the humble digs their fellow NBA baller Andrew Bogut, from Australia, is staying in.

Bogut, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks and was named Australia’s richest sport star last year with earnings of $16 million, posted a photo of himself putting together his own shower curtain at the athletes’ village in Rio and has a mosquito net over his bed.


Meanwhile, the cruise ship will afford the NBA men and women players  not only luxury and comfort but the type of security that they would expect and will be closed off to the public.

The only entrance is through an airport style scanner which is manned by Port Maua staff, backed up by security guards. On the water, police circle the ship on gun boats with marksmen equipped with automatic rifles.


And if that wasn’t enough, Team USAs Olympic ship is surrounded by a bullet proof glass fence and 250 federal police officers are on alert keeping a watchful eye. ‘Nobody can get near the boat without invitation’ said one security official.







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