Valentina Shevchenko Stamps Back To Back Losses For Holly Holm

(SL) –  After giving Ronda Rousey the vicious beatdown  that stripped the untouchable fighter of her title and almost made her leave the UFC ring for good, Holly Holm has been a fraction of herself.  She’s Racked up back to back losses since rising to boxing fame, after getting the business from Shevchenko at UFC Chicago.

Holm, 34, was the favorite going in but Shevchenko walked out with the victory making a rebound from losing the UFC championship to Miesha Tate in March out of reach.

All three judges unanimously picked Shevchenko as the clear winner. Holm had losing scores of 49-46 from all of the judges.

However,  for Shevchenko  it was a nice bounce-back considering her trainer was shot in the abdomen by armed robbers while they ate at a chicken restaurant in Lima, Peru two months ago.

A Look At The Fight

Holm knocked Shevchenko to the mat with a quick hook early in the first round but Shevchenko quickly got back to her feet. and in round two  managed to take Holm down.

In the third round, Shevchenko got in a few jabs and then caught Holm’s leg on a kick attempt and took her down.  And then brutally pounded Holm’s face after  another takedown in which she kept Holm on the mat for the rest of the round.

Shevchenko is now in the mix to contend for the women’s bantamweight title at 135 pounds that is currently held by Amanda Nunes, who she lost to in March at UFC 196. Nunes dismantled Tate for the belt at UFC 200.

Nunes may not fight Shevchenko though implying in a tweet that she was not ready. To that, Shevchenko says Nunes is scared.

No word yet on who Holm will fight next.


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