Mariah Carey’s Brother Calls Her A Witch After Refusal To Help Sister With Medical Bills

(SL) – Mariah Carey is a self admitted ‘Diva’, but her brother Morgan says,  “She’s a witch.”  The discourse comes following claims that the award winning singer refuses to foot the bill for her sister’s medical bills which her brother claims is chump change compared to Mariah’s reported $520 million net worth.


51-year old Morgan called his superstar sister ‘heartless’ after she offered no help to pay for sister Allison’s brain and spine surgery.  Allison is HIV Positive.

Allison, a mother-of-four, became pregnant at 15 and turned to prostitution to fund a drug habit. She reportedly worked as a prostitute in New York to clothe and feed their family before Mariah found fame; and hasn’t spoken to the star properly since having a huge argument in 1994. 

After she was diagnosed with HIV, she then attempted to publish a tell-all book about her Mariah.


The Daily Mail reports, last year, Morgan spoke out about his famous sister as he admitted he fears her drinking will kill her – and that he has never seen her sober. “I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary,” he told the National Enquirer,

According to Morgan, Mariah has allegedly been a heavy drinker since suffering from mental health problems in 2001. He revealed that he fears ‘she’ll die like Whitney Houston’ because she allegedly takes a combination of prescription pills.

‘She does not have a support system, and she is not mentally capable,’ he said.

Now, she is heading down the aisle for a third time – after her seven-year marriage to Cannon ended last year. Her first marriage to Sony Records boss Tommy Mottola, who discovered her when she was a waitress, ended in divorce in 1998.  But Morgan, who says he hasn’t spoken to his famous sister in more than two years, isn’t hopeful for an invite. The pair fell out after he tried to warn her against marrying Cannon.


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