Former NBA Player Delonte West Battling Bipolar Disorder

(SL) -After a few appearances on the streets of Houston, one which included him being barefoot.  Delonte West’s family says despite how it looks he is getting treatment as he battles his Bipolar disorder. Several images and videos have popped up on social media of the onetime CAVS player roaming the streets, dancing wildly and watching kids play basketball.

The Daily Mail reports, another series of videos filmed just two weeks ago show the 32-year old 6ft 3in former NBA ball player pacing the sidelines at an under 12s’ basketball game in Dallas and yelling at the players.

Scorekeeper Marketta Gregory, 27, says she first spotted West drinking what looked like beer in the parking lot before he walked in and took a seat.

‘At first I thought that maybe his son or his nephew was playing,’ she said. ‘But then the coaches on both teams started complaining and asking why drunk people were being let in.

‘Delonte was yelling at both teams and then he got up and walked around and tried to sit on the bench. He told one of the coaches he was his assistant.

‘They told him to sit back down in the bleachers but he continued to holler at the kids. I don’t know if he was on something or had taken too much of his medication but he looked bad.

‘His jacket was torn, he was scruffy, he had on cowboy boots. He wasn’t hurting anyone but it was shocking to see him like that. I hope he gets some help, I really do.

West made 16 million dollars in his career. But all that has changed now as you can tell from images of his abandoned property.

His Troubles Are No Secret

In recent years West has described how he resorted to self-harm and took overdoses of pills as a teenager before finding his calling on the basketball court.

But even after reaching the pinnacle of the sport he would break down in tears after a tough loss and would have to be consoled by teammates, including James.

‘The bus pulled up to escort us to the plane and I just broke down crying,’ he said of one such breakdown during his 2009-10 season in Cleveland in an interview last year with


‘I felt like my career was over. I was [expletive] up. I was concerned that my nieces and nephews wouldn’t look at me the same anymore. I let the team go ahead of me. I wasn’t getting on.’

West also made headlines in 2011 when he revealed that he had applied for a job at Home Depot during the NBA lockout.

‘It’s official,’ he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. ‘Pride 2 the side. just filled out application at Home Depot. Lockout aint a game.’

After leaving the NBA in 2012, West had stints with the NBA D-League and in China and Venezuela.

He was waived by the Texas legends in early 2015 after suffering a season-ending injury.


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